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 WWII Weapons



  WWII Thompson M1A1 /in-stock   WWII Thompson M1A1 /Sold   WWII Military Thompson /in stock   Military/Chicago Thompson /Sold  
  WWII Tommy Gun /Sold   WWII Military Thompson /Sold   WWII Thompson M1A1 /Sold   WWII Thompson M1A1 /Sold  
  WWII M1 Garand U.S. Rifle /Sold   Springfield M1903 A3 (firing version) /To-order   U.S. WWII M1 Carbine /Arriving soon   M1A1 Paratrooper /in-stock  
  M3A1 Grease Gun Kit version /Sold-out   M3A1 Grease Gun /in-stock   M3A1 Grease Gun /Sold   U.S. M1897 Trench Gun /Sold  
  Colt 1911 Government .45ACP /Temp-out   Colt 1911 Government .45ACP /Sold-out   M1911A1 1924 Transition /Sold   M1911A1 U.S&.S /Sold  
  1911 WWI Commemoration /Sold   Remington M1911 UMC /Sold   M1911A1 U.S. Army /in-stock   M1911A1 U.S. Army Parkarized /Sold  
  WWII Pacific Commemoration /Sold   M1911A1 U.S. Army /in-stock   S&W Victory Model (4in) /To-order   S&W Victory Model (5in) /Sold  
  Colt .32ACP Automatic /in-stock   Blank Fire:  FRAG GRENADES /in-stock   George S.Patton Colt S.A.A. .45 /in-stock   M1911A1 Norinco /Sold  
  M1911A1 ITHACA Gun Co. /Sold   FP45-Liberator /Sold          

  British / Allies

  WWII Military Thompson /in stock   Military/Chicago Thompson /Sold   WWII British STEN MKII /Sold   Sten MKII(S) with silencer /Sold  
  Mini-Sten MKII /in-stock   WWII STEN MK3 /Sourced to order   Browning Hi-Power Inglis /Sold   Browning Hi-Power Military /To-order  
  Browning M1910 /in-stock   Browning M1910 /in-stock   S&W Victory Model (4in) /To-order   S&W Victory Model (5in) /Sold  
  M1917 Indiana Jones /in-stock   S&W M1917 /Sold   Enfield No.2 MK1 Police /Sold   EnfieldNo.2Mk1 Iron Finish /Sold  
  EnfieldNo2MkIStar /Sold   EnfieldNo2Mk1 /Sold   Blank Fire:  FRAG GRENADES in-stock   WWII Military Thompson /Sold  


  WWII German MG34 /Arriving Soon   WWII German MG42 /in-stock   WWII German FG42 Type I /in-stock   WWII German FG42 Type I /Sold  
  Rare:  German FG42 Type 1 Firing Version /Sold   WWII German FG42 Type II  /Sold-out   WWII German Panzerfaust /in-stock   WWII Metal MP40 /in-stock  
  WWII German MP40 /in-stock   MP40 Kit version /in-stock   MP40 Kit (built/tuned) /in-stock   MP40 HW Kit /in-stock  
  WWII German MP40 /in-stock   WWII German MP41 /in-stock   WWII German MP43 /Sold   WWII German MP44 /in-stock  
  WWII German MKB42(H) /in-stock   WWII German Mauser  98K (firing version) /Sold   Rare: G33/40 Mountain Troop /Sold   WWII German Mauser K98 /Sold  
  WWII G43 Sniper Rifle /Arriving 2018   Mauser M712 Carbine /in-stock   Mauser C96 Carbine /in-stock   Mauser C96 9mm /Sold  
  Mauser M712 /in-stock   Metal Mauser M712 /Sold   WWII German Luger  P08 /Sold   Luger P08 Naval /in-stock  
  Luger P08 Lange Lauf /in-stock   Luger P08 Parabellum /in-stock   Luger P08 Parabellum silver /in-stock   Hermann Goering Luger P08 /in-stock  
  Walther P.38 Military /in-stock   Walther P38 Metal Finish /Sold   Luger P08 Carbine /Sourced to order   Metal Mauser C96 /Sold  
  Walther P38 Military /in-stock   MP18 Bergmann   /To-order   Mauser 98b Rifle (firing version) /to order   WWII German Stick Grenade /in-stock  


  Soviet WWII PPSH41  /Sold   Russian Tokarev TT-33 (metal version) /in-stock   Russian Tokarev TT-33 (metal version) /in-stock      

 New Arrivals for: February 2018

  MP40 HW Kit /in-stock   Browning M1910 /in-stock   Hermann Goering Luger P08 /in-stock   WWII German MP41 /in-stock  
  WWII German Stick Grenade /in-stock              
Arriving soon: German MG34,  U.S, M1 Carbine, Thompson 1928A1,  Thompson M1A1,  MP41,  Enfield Star,  Browning FN1910, Hermann Goering P08,  Walther P.38 Military


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WWII Weapons
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