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BabyNambu BabyNambu Dummy Nambu Type14

265 GBP  /  $345 USD  /  300 Euros SOLD

American Collectors Group

Metal Baby Nambu


Metal American Collectors Group :  BabyNambu

Very nice metal Baby Nambu.

Includes eight light use 7mm blowback cartridges (reusable),  7rd magazine, original box / instructions.

In very good condition,  light use.

We ship internationally with full online tracking.  Please email for a shipping quote :  sales@mg-props.co.uk

     Functions, Fires, Field strips Exactly like the real thing
     Caliber:  7mm Blowback brass cartridges - Reusable  
     Weight:  540g (unloaded)

       Magazine capacity:  7 + 1

     Power:  7mm PFC cap Blowback
     Firing Mode:  Semi automatic

PFC Primer caps:   €11.00  / £8.50 per box  (1 box = 100 PFC caps)  These are what makes the bang, smoke and creates the blowback to eject the shell

Brief note on using the Baby Nambu

The Nambu Type B pistol, commonly known as the 'Baby Nambu', was a scaled down version of a military pistol designed by Major Kijiro Nambu. It was intended for sale to officers, who could purchase it either through commercial channels or via a co-operative association (the Kaikosha for the Army, Suikosha for the Navy).

The Type B (Baby) Nambu is somewhat of a rare handgun produced from 1907-1929. While it was produced to replace the Type A Nambu, the price per gun was unfortunately too expensive. Although the Type B Nambu wasn’t issued for military purposes, it was available for private purchase by a very limited number of Japanese officers. For many in the military it became a status symbol to own one. Today they are among the rarest and most desirable pistols for the Japanese military collector.

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